The Art Of Movement @ Hotel el Ganzo

Hotel el Ganzo
15 January 2022 18:00 hrs to 22 January 2022 20:00 hrs timezone
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The Art of Movement is a 45 minute dance work choreographed by Billy Cowie incorporating live and virtual 3d dancers. It was co-produced by Kyoto Experiment and South East Dance with support from Arts Council England and University of Brighton. It won the Prix du Jury at FCIDC 2013 (Festival Culturel International de Danse Contemporaine). This performance will be done by Mexican dancers Mariana Garza and Daniela Urias. The performers have the severe restriction of a stage limited to half a square meter in which they dance to original music. Cowie redefines the concept of a live performance and questions the singularities of a stage act and the relationship between technology and humanity by combining live dancers and 3D videos.


Choreography - Billy Cowie

Virtual dancers - Yumiko Minami, Tomohiko Kyougoku, Kaori Ito,

Onsite dancers- Mariana Garza, Daniela Urias

Drawings - Silke Mansholt

Costumes - Holly Murray

Directed – Billy Cowie

Voices Lucie Robson and Cathryn Robson

Translations Miwa Monden


*Limited Capacity

*The use of  Facemasks is required at all times.

*Respect safe distance.

*No photos or video allowed.

* Not recommended for people suffering from epilepsy.


Hotel el Ganzo

386H+39 La Playa, BCS, Mexico

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